Hello, this is Jiří Dokoupil

The DevOps Engineer Cloud Engineer System Engineer

In theory there is very little difference between theory and practice; in practice there's a hell of a lot of difference.


I am a DevOps/Cloud/System Engineer majoring in GNU/Linux and Unix-like operating systems. My career started with a gambling company in the Czech Republic, then I worked for an IT security company, started my own startup that went bankrupt, moved to the United Kingdom, worked for a bunch of gambling companies, accountancy companies, and just enjoying life.

I am open to relocating to any English speaking country around the world. If you have anything you'd like to discuss with me, you can contact me.

my key skills

Just some of my skills that I thought were worth mentioning.


Strong GNU/Linux background in administration and development

Amazon Web Services

AWS cloud VPC stack solutions

Cloud solutions

Microservice management, VPC, deployment pipelines & more


If it takes more than 60s of my life, I automate it

Virtualisation technology

vSphere, Docker (that's not true virtual, I know), AWS, KVM etc.

Scripting & Development

Python is my language of choice. But I work with many languages like Bash, Perl, C++, Java


Some of my received LinkedIn recommendations.


Feel free to contact me regarding job offers or personal matters.

+44 (0) 795 715 2300



Leeds, West Yorkshire
United Kingdom